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Evening Food


These choices are ideal for wedding Evening Food

-Haggis, Neeps and Tatties £7.50

-Haggis Stovies (sliced potatoes, onions and haggis layered and baked) £6.95

-Traditional Corned Beef Stovies or with Diced Lamb £7.95

-Morning Rolls with Bacon, Sausage or Egg £4.95

Dirty fries with Chinese takeaway curry sauce, Cheese, Southern fried gravy, baked beans - £8.25

-Selection of Mini Pies ( Scotch, Chicken Curry, Steak and Gravy, Macaroni Cheese ) £5.95

-Italian Meats and Cheese Platter with Chutneys, Biscuits and Rustic Breads £8.95

DIY Mac and Cheese  - (see picture below )with Bacon bits, Spring onions, Dried Chillies, Confit tomato relish, Parmesan, Crunchy Croutons £8.95

Jack Daniels Flavoured Pulled Pork Rolls With Stuffing and Apple Sauce  £7.50

Indian Snacks

Chicken Pakora, Vegetable Samosas, Onion Bhaji, Mini Popadoms with Mango Chutney, Dips and Sauces £8.95

Jumbo Hotdogs with Mayo/Ketchup, Monterey Jack Cheese, Chilli Relish, Diced Tomatoes and Lollo Rosso in a soft warm Bun £7.50

Philly Cheesesteak - Fried onions, Provolone Cheese, Mushrooms and sweet Peppers, Served in a Warm Ciabatta £7.95

Diy Tortilla Bar - Build your own Nachos

Selection of Corn Tortillas with Tomato Salsa, Guacamole, Sour Cream, Corn Relish, Jalapenos, Cheese, Bacon Bits, Red Onions £8.95

Sweet Tooth Buffet - (See picture Below)

Mini Cranachans, Mini Victoria sponges, Chocolate brownies, Fresh berry Meringues, Lemon Tarts, Cheese and biscuits  £10.95

All of the above can be added on to a wedding package for the evening if required or we can tailor a package to suit your requirements should you have something different in mind.

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